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Community Health Champions

Community Health Champions

The NHS Health Trainer Service incorporates the East Riding Community Health Champions, Patient Health Champions, Healthy Relationship Champions and the NHS Online Life Check.

Community health champions are about building capacity within the area’s priority communities to empower residents to become more active, eat healthily, and improve their mental wellbeing. We are also recruiting health champions to help promote the aims of the project, with an emphasis on delivering a wide range of training programmes, workshops and events.

What is a Community Health Champion?

Community health champions are people who, with training and support, voluntarily bring their ability to relate to people and their own life experience to transform health and wellbeing in their communities.

Within their families, communities and workplaces they empower and motivate people to get involved in healthy social activities, create groups to meet local needs and sign post people to relevant support and services. They also help others to enjoy healthier lives by raising awareness of health and healthy choices, sharing health messages, removing barriers and creating supportive networks and environments.

This approach is proving to be an effective way of reaching people and is making a real difference within communities. Champions are also influencing and shaping local services, increasing public participation, initiating community development opportunities and gaining skills to move into further training, volunteering roles and employment.

At Humber NHS Foundation Trust, we have broken down the Health Champion Model into three levels. We have created a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Health Champion. This gives the health champions the option to get as involved as they like depending on whether they are signposting friends and family to health services or alternatively setting up and running their own group within the community.

East Riding Community Health Champions

We hold a number of champion workshops each year where we discuss the role of community health champions in detail. We also, in conjunction with the NHS Health Trainer service, take part in numerous events throughout the East Riding. We actively encourage champions to become involved with these events, whether it be handing out leaflets before or at the event, or to carry out the online NHS lifecheck on the Public Health Vehicle

If you are interested in becoming an East Riding Community Health Champion, please contact Anthony Bryce on 0800 9177752 or email 

East Riding Digital Champions

Would you like to become a Digital Champion in your community?

The East Riding Community Health Champions have joined partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Adult Education Service who are offering free and easy computing courses at a number of venues throughout the region. For more information, please click here.


For further information on how you can become involved with the programme, please click here . Alternatively, download the Recruitment leaflet from the Related downloads section on the Right. 

For more information, contact:

Natalie Belt
Healthtrainer Service Manager
19 Quay Road
YO15 2AB 


Anthony Bryce
Healthtrainer Project Co-ordinator
19 Quay Road
YO15 2AB 


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