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Published: 05 May 2023 to 31 December 2098

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Patient Survey

What the survey is about:

  • We are wanting to know what patients’ experiences with trust staff has been like in terms of LGBT+ inclusivity (e.g. has staff introduced their pronouns, has a patient’s gender/sexual orientation been asked for or assumed etc)
  • We are wanting to know if patients have encountered or witnessed any transphobic/homophobic/biphobic behaviour or language within the trust and what the reporting process has been like

What the survey is achieving:

  • With this information we will be able to gain an overview of where your trust is at in terms of providing support to LGBT+ staff and patients
  • This will help us develop an action plan for this trust moving forward

Full information about the NHS Rainbow Badge

The NHS Rainbow Badge had its official launch in 2018 and since then over 150 Trusts across England have launched NHS Rainbow Badges. The original model emphasised that wearing a badge is a responsibility. It provided basic education and access to resources for staff who wanted to sign up to the project.

NHS England have commissioned a collaboration, consisting of LGBT Foundation, Stonewall, the LGBT Consortium, Switchboard and GLADD, to deliver Phase 2 of the NHS Rainbow Badge scheme.

Phase 2 is an assessment and accreditation model and allows Trusts to demonstrate their commitment to reducing barriers to healthcare for LGBT+ people, whilst evidencing the good work they have already undertaken.

Trusts taking part will receive a graded award reflecting their current LGBT+ inclusion work and are able to achieve a, Bronze, Silver or Gold award. In addition to the award the Trusts will receive a comprehensive feedback report and action plan, which is designed to help Trusts achieve the next level and help facilitate meaningful change.

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