Visiting your loved one

Visiting your loved one
11 June 2020

Following the recent change in government guidance the Trust has reviewed the policy of not allowing visiting in inpatient services. We are pleased to share that we now feel we are able to support visiting in inpatient services. The below general guidelines must be followed but you should take any specific guidance for the setting you are visiting from staff when you arrange your visit. The guidance below will continue to be reviewed in line with changing Government advice.

  • The number of visitors allowed in the unit is limited to one close family contact or somebody important to the patient. However, where it is possible to maintain social distancing throughout the visit, a second additional visitor could be permitted in circumstances such as (but not limited to) a family member for individuals receiving end-of-life care.
  • This family member or carer must wear a face covering in line with government guidance. If visitor is unable to wear a mask or face covering for any reason then alternative visiting arrangements should be made away from the ward/unit where possible.
  • Visitors will be encouraged to bring their own mask or face covering.
  • All visits must be planned and agreed with unit to limit contact between others and to enable the service to provide safe and effective support during visits. No unplanned visits will be permitted to take place.
  • All visits will be supervised where it is deemed necessary by individual assessment to support implementation of govt guidelines.
  • Any visitor with declared COVID -19 symptoms will not be permitted to undertake a visit regardless of any other circumstance
  • Visits will take place two meters apart.
  • Where possible, visits can take place outdoors, maintaining social distance and this can involve more than one person from the same household as per government guidance.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, communities and individuals and teams remain our absolute priority. All visiting decisions will be taken on a case-by-case basis and therefore if it is not felt that a visit can be safely facilitated at the current time, you will be asked not to visit and another time arranged when this can be done safely. If staff feel that a visit is unsafe to continue they may end the visit and ask you to return on another occasion.

We understand the value of contact with family, friends and loved ones and we will continue to support our patients to use digital communication methods to maintain this contact.