Overcoming Stress at Work

Published: 11 April 2022 to 31 December 2098

As part of Stress Awareness Month, we are looking at work related stress and sharing updates with our staff regarding the ways we are supporting them, as well as our service users, to seek a positive work life balance, as well as how to access mental health support when they may need it.

A report from Champion Health, which polled 2,200 UK employees, found that 67% were experiencing moderate to high levels of stress.

When you feel good mentally and emotionally, you approach your job with good mental health. You’re adaptable, flexible, and resilient. You can handle challenges. Your contributions to your team are meaningful, and you thrive in your personal and professional life.

But when you’re struggling with poor mental health and stress, whether as a result of work itself or not, it can impact your day and often times, make you feel isolated or burnt out.

When you feel this way, it is important to reach out for support, to get you back on the track of feeling well and putting your own needs first.

Our local East Riding IAPT Emotional Wellbeing Service is here to help.

The service works in partnership with other therapy providers such as Relate and House of Light to offer free NHS services for adults aged 16 or over, who live in the local area and are experiencing common mental health problems inside and outside of the workplace.

As part of the service, individuals can also gain support from our Employment Advisors, who are on hand to help you prepare for future employment, exploring employment options available, preparing CVs and looking at different pathways into a career, should you wish to explore these options.

Sheryl Horton, Team Manager at East Riding Emotional Wellbeing Service (IAPT), Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“Work is a huge part of our lives and if this is coupled with stress, it can be easy for things to get on top of you which normally wouldn’t have been an issue.

It’s helpful to know that there is support out there and that you don’t have to tackle this alone.”

To find out more about the Emotional Wellbeing Service:

Text TALK to 60163

Call: 01482 335451

Refer Online: https://iaptportal.co.uk/erew.html

Website: www.humberews.co.uk 

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