Meet our new Training Recovery Tutor

Published: 03 February 2022 to 31 December 2098

Meet Training Recovery Tutor

The Medical Education Department would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Hannah Sayeed, Forensic Consultant.

Hannah has joined the team as ‘Training Recovery Tutor’.

This post has been created due to the major disruption to postgraduate medical education during the COVID-19 pandemic; training recovery is an urgent priority.

This has driven a national focus on developing and delivering a collaborative training recovery plan to ensure the quality of training is maintained, while maximising opportunities for junior doctors to catch up on competencies. Thus allowing as many doctors as possible to be able to safely progress their training, reducing the total number of extensions, the associated impact on service and the personal impact on trainees (Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive, Health Education England, 21 May 2021).

To enable this to be facilitated at a local Trust level, funding has been allocated by Health Education England (HEE). This dedicated fund has supported our Trust to deliver 1:1 training recovery conversation, collate trainees’ learning needs, support trainees with their individual training recovery plans and develop trust-level recovery solutions. The Recovery Tutor role has been developed in response to the Trust scoping exercise completed by doctors in training.

We are so pleased to introduce Dr Sayeed as our new Recovery Tutor. A few words from Hannah below:

“I'm Dr Hannah Sayeed, a Consulftant Forensic Psychiatrist at the Humber Centre of Forensic Psychiatry. I am also the newly appointed ‘Recovery Tutor’ within the Medical Education Department of our Trust.

This is a role that I had never heard of before, but one that has excellent potential to bridge the gaps in any aspect of junior doctor training caused by the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. As well as being an International Medical Graduate (IMG), I have personal experience of being a trainee amidst this pandemic, and have a keen interest in mentoring, teaching, and training which makes it but natural for me to feel comfortable executing my role and feeling excited about it. Also, although short term initially, it will allow me to be a part of our award-winning Medical Education Department, which I am thrilled about.”

We have no doubt that Hannah will do an excellent job, and we hope you join us in giving her a warm welcome to this new role.


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