Maister Lodge refurbishment – progress update

Published: 10 November 2021 to 31 December 2021

Our Maister Lodge site in Hull is a 14-bedded inpatient unit for older people that provides a comprehensive, needs-led service to local residents who are experiencing predominantly organic mental health problems such as dementia.

The team at Maister Lodge provide hospital-based care for those in the most acute and vulnerable stages of mental illness and who are unable to be supported at home effectively or safely. It provides a non-discriminating, safe and therapeutic environment which promotes health, wellbeing and independence, and strives to return patients to their usual place of residence as soon as possible.

It is therefore exceptionally important that the site is not only maintained but improved over time, to allow our teams to continue to provide high standards of care, using modern equipment in a fit for purpose environment.

Over the past months, we have been working in collaboration with City Care to transform the unit and provide an additional ward and thus additional beds to those who need it most. These beds are for those experiencing an acute change to their functional mental health, such as severe depression and who historically may have been unfortunately placed in a hospital out of our local area.

We’re pleased to say that the refurbishment at Maister Lodge is in its final stages, and as of 1st November 2021, we have been able to safely take our first patients onto the new ward.

As part of these works, areas previously used by staff and for group activities have been completely refurbished to create 5 additional private, en-suite bedrooms on the inpatient ward, family rooms, assisted bathrooms, dedicated activity rooms, and more.

The teams have also created a single-story extension to the side of the property, to ensure that we have adequate space for visitors, and an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) kitchen to promote independence amongst our patients.

To the front of the building, the outdoor environment has been transformed. This now boasts a beautiful and secure garden area, where patients can get some fresh air and walk around, enjoying the seasonal plants and benches.

Finally, a double story cabin has been placed to the rear of the site, as a new, bright space for staff welfare facilities, such as a break room and a staff kitchen. In addition, staff welfare has been prioritised within the existing unit, with dedicated meeting rooms and office spaces which will be openly available when they need them.

This refurbishment not only provides a modern and welcoming space for patients, their families and staff, but also allows the service to continue to safely meet the demands of the service, sourcing beds that will be used by patients who may have previously needed to go further away from home for support.

We are very proud of this improvement and feel confident that we have created a beneficial environment for the people who use our service, supporting them towards recovery, ensuring we can encourage them to maintain relationships with their families while in our care, and with local services once discharged back into the community.

The work is due to complete in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to sharing updated photographs and feedback from patient, families and staff in the local area.

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