Cancer quality of Life Survey

Published: 08 December 2020

From the 9th December 2020, people diagnosed with breast, prostate, or colorectal cancer will be asked to complete a Cancer Quality of Life survey around 18 months after their diagnosis.

Recognising that quality of life outcomes are as important to patients as surviving cancer, Public Health England and NHS England and Improvement have launched the survey to ask participants, “How are you doing?”. Answers to the question can be related to their cancer diagnosis and treatment, or other things which may be happening in their life. The information collected will be used to help improve support for those living with and beyond cancer.

The survey takes between five and ten minutes to complete, with Public Health England joining up the answers to the survey with information that is already recorded about cancer and its treatment. This will help the NHS to work out where care may not be working well for cancer patients, and if any improvements should be made. It is estimated that in early 2021, the survey will be delivered to those living with and beyond other cancer types.

To find out more about the NHS Cancer Quality of Life Survey, including a list of FAQs, visit

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