Closed Culture

Look out for these warning signs of abuse, avoidable harm and breaches of human rights to protect our patients, service users and staff

We are determined to continue to work on providing patient-centred holistic care that moves away from the perception of penal approaches, which have for too long stigmatised mental health.

If you spot one or more of these signs in our organisation or somewhere else

Patients and service users: Please speak to the Complaints and Feedback team, or talk to your Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA).

Staff: Please speak to your Professional or Line Manager in the first instance. Alternatively you can follow the Freedom to Speak Up policy.

For more information about identifying and responding to Closed Cultures, please see the CQC guidance here

Useful Resources

Voiceability - advocacy and involvement services

Our Safeguarding Team

Human Rights and Equality Policy

CQC Restraint, segregation and seclusion review: Progress report (December 2021)