Healthy living

Here you can find helpful tips and advice on topics such as healthy eating, mental health or how to stop smoking. Just click on the picture of the topic you are interested in.

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Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to weight gain, insomnia, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver and mouth, neck and throat cancer. To discover practical tips on reducing your alcohol intake, visit the NHS Live Well alcohol website.

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Cold and flu

You can find the difference between cold and flu, prevention tips and how keep warm and well on the NHS Live Well cold and flu website.

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Exercising has many health boosting benefits. To find out more, please visit the NHS Live Well health and fitness website.

Healthy food

Food and diet

Eating healthily can help protect you from cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses. Find out healthy eating tips and advice on the NHS Live Well food and diet website.

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Heart health

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers of adults in England. Find out how to keep your heart healthy by visiting the NHS Live Well heart health website.

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Mental health

One in four people are affected by a mental health problem at sometime in their life. If you are worried about your mental health and you need help and advice, please visit the NHS Live Well mental health website.


Sexual health

For advice on issues such as STIs, fertility or if you want to talk about sex with a loved one but don't know how, then visit the NHS Live Well sexual health website.

Smoking cigarette

Stop smoking

To get tips and advice on how to stop smoking and the associated health benefits, visit the NHS Live Well stop smoking website.