Quality Accounts

‘High Quality Care for All’ (DoH, 2008) set out the vision for the National Quality Framework and proposed that all healthcare providers should produce publicly available Quality Accounts. 

Quality Accounts are reports from providers of NHS healthcare services about the quality of the services we provide. The report is published annually by each NHS healthcare provider and made available to the public. They are both retrospective and forward looking. 

Quality Accounts aim to:

  • enable patients and their carers to make well informed choices about their providers of healthcare
  • enable the public to hold providers to account for the quality of the services they deliver
  • engage the leaders of an organisation in their quality improvement agenda

The audience for this report is wide-ranging, and includes people who use our services and their carers, staff, commissioners, and regulating bodies.   It is for anyone who wants to know more about the quality of our services and how we plan to maintain and improve this

How is the ‘quality’ of the services provided defined? 

Healthcare providers have measured the quality of the services they provide by looking at:

  • patient safety
  • the effectiveness of treatments that patients receive
  • how patient’s experienced the care provided

What information can be found in the Quality Account?

The content required in the Quality Account is identified in the Quality Account Toolkit, a document produced by the Department of Health, which provides a set of nationally mandated statements, which allow the reader to make comparisons between organisations.  The Toolkit for 2010/11 stated that every Quality Account must include:

  • a statement from the Board (or equivalent) of your organisation summarising the quality of NHS services provided
  • your organisation’s priorities for quality improvement for the coming financial year
  • a series of statements from the Board for which the format and information required is set out in regulations
  • a review of the quality of services in your organisation.

To view the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust 2012/13 Quality Report, please click on the document in the Related downloads section on the right handside.

How to provide feedback on the Quality Accounts

Feedback on the Quality Account was invited via an Evaluation form with a Freepost address included within the report. 

If you have any comments on the document or have suggestions for us to consider for future quality priorities, please send these to the following email address:


Previous Quality Report

If you require previous versions of our Quality Reports, please submit an FOI request.

How we selected priorities for the 2012/13 Quality Report

The development and delivery of the Trust's clinical priorities have been aligned to the Trust's Clinical Networks. There are 22 networks covering the services provided by the Trust. The clinical objectives from each network were mapped against national and local priorities and can be found in the Quality Report.

An event was held for external stakeholders, Governors, staff and patient group representatives to vote on their 2013/14 priorities and a list of 12 was developed with a second vote to establish a top three (again these can be found in the Quality Report).

For more information or if you have an enquiry about the Quality Report, please contact Jules Williams, deputy director of patient safey and quality, on 01482 389135 or email Caroline Johnson. You can also write to Caroline Johnson, Trust Headquarters, Willerby Hill, Beverley Road, Willerby, HU10 6ED.