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john morton

John Morton

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Tony Douglas

    Tony Douglas

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Dominic Kelly

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R Marsden

Ruth Marsden

I’ve worked with [not for] the NHS for over 2 decades. This has been local, regional and national. I have accrued a wide range of experience, knowledge and contacts. Despite years of rhetoric, the public’s involvement in the system that cares for them is still too limited. Much is missed, lost and wasted as a result and the NHS is the poorer for it.  

John Cunnington

John Cunnington

I have had a successful career and wanted to give something back to society. Having a managerial background plus life skills picked up along the way, I felt I could offer these skills to the Trust in an objective, impartial and practical way, as an East Riding resident and governor. My career was in high voltage and high pressure gas systems (national grid) as a land and development manager. My interests are in countryside matter and I love to travel (covid permitting) around the world.
Sue Cooper

Sue Cooper

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