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Staff Award Winners 2017

Team of the Year - Mental Health Services

Perinatal Mental Health Team

This team are passionate about improving the mental health of pregnant women and new mothers in the Hull and East Riding. They ensure that no patient waits longer than two weeks from referral to assessment, which involves the team regularly working long hours, often beyond their capacity. This is done to ensure that every woman’s experience of childbirth and motherhood is the best it can possibly be.

Some of their achievements include the establishment of a mandatory training module for health visitors and staff within perinatal services and the development of a care pathway for women with an extreme fear of giving birth.

The team also work in collaboration with the University of Hull and their research into perinatal mental health. This has resulted in the team being involved in the development of a perinatal mental health module to be taught at degree and masters level and the planning and facilitation of a conference that featured a number of highly respected national and regional speakers in the field of women’s mental health.

Team of the Year - Primary Care, Community, Children's and Learning Disabilities Services

Field House Surgery

When the Trust took on Field House Surgery in January 2017, staff were feeling demoralised after the surgery had been rated as requiring improvement. Their previous employer had handed back the contract as the surgery was no longer financially viable, they had no permanent GPs and found it difficult to recruit locums.

But through hard work, grit and determination the staff have turned the practice around to achieve a ‘Good’ rating in their latest CQC inspection. A few of the initiatives they implemented include:

  • Identifying a new model of care which was not reliant on GPs
  • Introducing different types of appointment options such as telephone, E-Consult, pre-bookable and same-day booking. They also introduced flexible times for those needing appointments after work or school.
  • Introducing a robust PDAR supervision process to ensure staff were informed and engaged with the change process.
  • Responding to patient feedback.
  • Recruiting highly skilled long-term condition nurses to support the promotion of self-management and patient education.
  • Implementing a daily safety huddle to review any clinical or operational concerns.

The CQC Inspector praised the Practice by saying “You should be proud of what your team has achieved in the timescales. We have inspected practices that have not achieved as much over greater periods of time”.

Team of the Year - Specialist Services

Road to Recovery Academy

The Road to Recovery Academy is the Forensic Recovery College Campus. The team involved in the planning of the curriculum comprises staff and service users, who have all helped to co-produce and co-facilitate the learning opportunities available for students.

The team have demonstrated a sustained level of passion, belief and dedication to providing interesting, educational and enjoyable opportunities that are inclusive and designed to assist and support recovery. They embody the ethos of recovery in that they are a truly joyful, hopeful and optimistic bunch! To sustain this type of opportunity within a secure environment requires tenacity, dedication and creative resilience which this team have in abundance.

Team of the Year - Corporate Services

Communications Team

This three-strong team provides external communications to television, newspaper, website and radio media, and internal communications to more than 2,500 staff and our non-executive directors, governors and thousands of members.

Over the past year they worked hard to provide more positive and proactive messages to external media; and to strengthen communications between managers and staff. The key achievements include:

-Increased the number good news stories posted on our website, intranet and social media channels.

-Introduced a number of new communication channels for staff such as Team Talk, Board Talk and Humber Voice.

-Played a lead role in the internal and external dissemination of the Trust’s new Mission, Vision and Values.

-Increased our followers on twitter by 26%, from 2,703 at the beginning of January to 3,418 in November, and boosted our number of Facebook followers by 55%, from 601 to 932, during a similar period.

-Issued a new Communications Plan and a new Media and Social Media Policy, the first for five years. A draft Membership Strategy has also been completed.

Outstanding Care Award

Dave Reade – Changes Project

Dave has led the Changes Project as the Service User Lead. He has recruited a team of 22 peer mentor volunteers who are an integral part of the East Riding Partnership. The support they provide to the clients and their families is invaluable on their journey to Recovery. Peer mentors are attached to all the "HUBS" we provide our services from and work closely with the aftercare teams. They meet individuals at the beginning of their journey and give them the confidence to go forward in their recovery. Peer mentors have walked in the clients’ shoes and therefore have both an empathetic and realistic approach to the client group. Peer mentors bridge the gap between clients and the service and help staff gain a clearer understanding of what individuals need or are experiencing in their journey. The drive and enthusiasm of the Change Project lead by Dave enables the client to gain confidence to access valid employment and maintain health and well-being following their recovery journey.

Inspiration Award - sponsored by DXC Technology

Victoria Dunn

Vicky is an experienced and dedicated children's occupational therapist who strives to provide an up-to-date, evidenced-based service to children. Following publication of the NICE Guidelines for Spasticity in Under-19s, Vicky attended a training course on Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), a task-focused active-use therapy in which the unaffected arm is temporarily restrained to encourage use of the affected arm. An intensive course of therapy is then provided  to improve hand function.

Vicky completed a CIMT pilot study with a seven-year-old girl who has hemiplegia. The results were very positive and at the end of the sessions the child was able to use a knife and fork and tie up her own hair in a ponytail. Vicky has written up her case study which has been accepted for publication in a book and we are completing further pilot studies with children of differing ages.

Vicky has shared her skills and knowledge with the wider occupational therapy team so that all children can benefit in the future. Vicky remains dedicated and committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to children.

Chief Executive's Rising Star Award

Hollie Wilkinson

When Hollie joined Granville Court, a specialist service for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, her passion, enthusiasm and willingness was evident from the start.

Her thirst for knowledge and determination to provide safe and outstanding care is inspirational.

Hollie’s commitment to make a difference is evident. This is never more so than when we have the privilege of providing care and support to a person at the end of their life journey. Her compassion and sensitivity to the person involved and their loved ones is heart-warming. Her ability to ensure those small moments in time, when time is momentarily never long enough, is kindness at its most importance.

Patient Choice Award - sponsored by Gosschalks Solicitors 

Adult Community Mental Health Team – Haltemprice

For their caring and professional support that helped a patient through what they describe as ‘the bad years’. The patient’s feedback on the service said:

“I’m sat in the garden having a cup of tea at 6 o’clock on a Thursday morning. I’m thinking that life is good – the reality is that nothing has changed but my view on life. It’s good to be back to normal after those wasted years.

“We have been away with our grandson and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I know that none of this would have happened without the team’s care and support.”

Volunteer Award - sponsored by Smile Foundation

There are two winners in this category.

Michael Cohen

Michael received three nominations from colleagues in the Recovery College and Voluntary Services.

He is nominated for being a great example of someone who has overcome their own health challenges in order to help and support others who are facing similar experiences. Michael is a volunteer who has set up a computer club at Westlands to help women develop their IT skills. He has also been a regular volunteer driver for people with dementia.

He has designed, created, produced and facilitated a course at our Recovery College for anybody interested in developing tech skills, whether they are beginners or have an intermediate or advanced knowledge. The Recovery College students love him and always say what a lovely guy he is, and that he's an inspiration to them. Even through past and current adversity, he keeps moving forward and challenging himself to do better and better and help more and more people.

Those who’ve nominated Michael describe him as warm, caring, inspiring, kind, humble, generous and an all-round brilliant human being.

Wendy Mitchell

Wendy Mitchell is not only our Trust Patient Research Ambassador but she is also someone living with dementia. Wendy devotes her time to making life and services better for people with dementia and promoting the benefits of research locally, nationally and internationally. She is a real friend of the research team and helps them tremendously.

Some of Wendy’s achievements include:

  • Helping to promote research at various Trust events
  • Presenting at our Research and Development Conference
  • Writing a daily blog which is read worldwide
  • Helping to facilitate a Recovery College workshop on ‘Living with dementia and hope from research’
  • Writing a foreword for the Trust’s Research Strategy

Amazingly, Wendy also finds time to fundraise for others, has written a book which is being published in early 2018, has appeared on numerous TV programmes, is a national ‘Join Dementia Research (JDR)’ champion, and is instrumental in a national campaign called ‘Hand out hope’. She is a true inspiration!

Health Stars Sparkle Award

Vicky Oxbury

Vicky joined the Willerby-to-Whitby bike ride to raise funds for Health Stars. She didn't know anyone else undertaking the ride and was unsure as to whether her bike was suitable.

Vicky entered into fundraising with aplomb, holding bake sales and a tuck shop at West End.

On the day, her enthusiasm, positivity and sheer force of nature ensured that not only did she complete the bike ride (alongside some pretty professional team mates!), but she raised nearly £200 in the process. A great ambassador for Health Stars.

Mentor of the Year - sponsored by Konica Minolta

Catherine West

Catherine was nominated for this award by two nursing students. They praised Catherine for her support, guidance and compassion during her time as their mentor; here’s what they said: 

“Catherine inspired me to want to work with older adults when I really had no interest before doing a placement at Maister Lodge. Her patience, encouragement and friendliness helped me to settle into my placement.”

“Cath was my co-mentor while at St Andrew’s Place and she could not have done anymore to support and guide me. I always felt I could ask her anything and no question was silly or unimportant. I could vent and she would offer support or a listening ear. Cath embodies all the qualities I hoped to develop through my training: kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, honest and approachable. I honestly don’t think my student placement experiences would have been the same if I had not met her.”

Apprentice of the Year - sponsored by KCOM

Trevor Lusiola

Trevor joined the NHS in April 2016 as handyman at The Humber Centre and started his NVQ Level 2. In October 2016 he became an activity co-ordinator within the Occupational Therapy Team during which he completed his NVQ qualification. While waiting for funding to start his NVQ Level 3, Trevor completed his Gym Inductor’s Training with very high marks. Trevor is just about to start his NVQ Level 3.

Since Trevor started as an Activity Co-ordinator his has developed his role within the team and now runs a weekly boxercise and fitness session for all wards within the unit. He is in the process of developing a referral system for the gym and will train patients and staff to carry out individualised programmes working on exercise, fitness and weight loss.

Outstanding Team of the Year

Perinatal Mental Health Team

Chairman's Award

Ruth Edwards and Siobhan Ward

Ruth and Siobhan, specialist speech and language therapists, were nominated for their outstanding work with the ‘Hear in Hull’ project. The main aim of the project has been to raise awareness of stammering, create empathy towards people who stammer, and educate the public. This has been achieved by encouraging adults and children who stammer to express thoughts and feelings about stammering, and how others may react to them, through art. The project has resulted in a #mystammeringtap animation, which is available on YouTube, and the exhibition of portraits of famous people who stammer and an installation created by people who stammer.

The Hear in Hull project was launched as part of the Hull City of Culture ‘Tell the World’ season and coincided with the launch of International Stammering Awareness Day 2017. The impact of this project is ongoing with a school pack being sent to all Hull schools via the Hull2017 schools engagement team. Ruth and Siobhan are extremely committed advocates for promoting awareness of children and adults who stammer. This goes way beyond their role of speech and language therapists. 


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