Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust believes that the health and wellbeing of the people we serve, and the services we provide to do so, can be significantly improved through supporting, enabling and participating in the development of the health research evidence base.

This video shows how research can change lives and some of our achievements locally.

Research is central to ensuring services are effective and that new treatments and ways of delivering care continue to be identified that enable recovery and prevention, reduce disease burden, improve quality and increase productivity. There is good evidence that trusts who participate in research (clinical trials) have improved health outcomes and healthcare processes. Being research-active makes the organisation a more attractive employer and increases its prestige, as well as bringing in extra income. The Department of Health (DoH) views research as a core responsibility for all NHS Trusts in England. 

The main aim of research is to make a positive difference to the quality of healthcare the NHS provides now and in the future. Objectives identified in the Trust's research strategy seek to build upon our existing strengths, to continue what we are doing well but also to be ambitious and innovative in our approach, to proactively seek and encourage new research partnerships and opportunities and to ensure we involve more of our community in good quality research. This builds on the significant work carried out as part of our previous two year research strategy, against which progress was made on all of the objectives set out within it.

The Trust's Research Strategy was approved by the Board and launched at Trust Research Conference in May 2017.

  • The objectives of the Trust's research strategy are: 
  • Embed research as core business
  • Increase participation in research
  • Maximise research income
  • Create new partnerships for applied research
  • Increase capacity and capability for research
  • Excellence in the quality, safety and governance of research
  • Translate research into practice

In order to support research in the Trust the Research and Development Unit, led by the Assistant Director Research and Development, provides:

  • Research governance advice and support
  • Research feasibility advice and support 
  • Assessment of capacity and capability’ for studies (part of HRA approval process)
  • Contractual review and oversight for research studies 
  • Management of research funding
  • Performance management of research and troubleshooting
  • Research information management and reporting
  • Development of research infrastructure, capacity and capability e.g. Principal Investigator mentoring 
  • Research partnership building
  • Promotion of research internally and externally
  • Signposting 
  • Consenting of research participants and data collection for NIHR Portfolio studies

In order to achieve this, service users need to be given the opportunity to participate in research projects on the basis of informed consent. It is expected that staff within our Trust will help to achieve this strategy by identifying potential research participants for future projects.

Studies that are currently active or in follow up are listed in the documents available under Downloads on the right of this page.

For further information, please contact us on or (01482) 301726