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The Humber Recovery College invite you to head on over to https://www.humberrecoverycollege.nhs.uk to find out more about the courses, the team and everything else in between!


What is Humber Recovery College?

Please take a few minutes to watch our video, which will introduce you to our Recovery College.

Watch our video:

Humber NHS Foundation Trust Recovery College from NDEFilms on Vimeo.

The Recovery College believes in an educational approach to mental wellbeing, supporting individuals to recognise their own resourcefulness, talents and abilities, and arming them with knowledge and helpful tools in order to become experts in their own self-care.

The College uses the Recovery Approach, which is about delivering person-centred care to achieve goals set by the individual; the emphasis is on ‘life worth living’ as opposed to ‘getting better’. The Recovery Approach was born as a user-led peer support service in the 1990s, but is now championed by progressive mental health services as a quality, holistic approach to good mental health care.

There are three central elements to the Recovery Approach:

Hope: that it is possible to work towards your own goals as defined by you;

Control: your own symptoms and future;

Opportunity: to build a meaningful and satisfying life irrespective of your illness.

Five Principles of Recovery

Hope: It is important to remember that people who experience mental health difficulties can achieve a life worth living and go on to meet their life dreams and goals;

Personal Responsibility: It’s up to the individual (with a bit of support from others) to take action and do what needs to be done to keep themselves well;

Education: Learning all that the individual can about what they are experiencing so they can make informed decisions about all aspects of their lives;

Self-advocacy: Effectively reaching out to others so that individuals can get what it is that they need, want and deserve to support their wellness and recovery;

Support: While an individual is on their recovery journey, receiving and giving support from others in a similar position in a safe environment can enhance their sense of personal wellbeing and encourage a better quality of life.

Using these Recovery values, the Recovery College aims to:

  • Help individuals recognise and make use of their existing talents, strengths and resources;
  • The Recovery College focuses on what makes us well, rather than what makes us ill;
  • Facilitate courses and workshops that are co-designed and co-produced with those who access them, and as far as possible the distinction between students and professionals is avoided;
  • Promote hope, control and opportunity using a person-centred, holistic, educational model;
  • Empower individuals to find their own solutions in a way that works for them;
  • Help individuals to explore their potential, the possibilities available to them and to develop their skills;
  • Ensure students independently enrol on the courses that help them identify ways of making sense of their experiences to become experts in managing their own lives.


If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Recovery College:

Telephone: 01482 389124

Email: hnf-tr.recoverycollege@nhs.net

Twitter: @HftRecoveryCol

Facebook: @HumberRecoveryCollege

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