Governor Elections

Public Governors are elected by our members and the elections take place annually. The recent poll ran from 1 November 2017 until 17 January 2018.

There were public Governor vacancies in the following constituencies:

  • 3 East Riding
  • 1 Whitby
  • 2 Service User and Carer

Two public Governors were eligible to re-stand. Ros Jump and Mike Oxtoby were re-elected, although Mr Oxtoby stood in the service user and carer constituency. Their new term begins on Thursday (1 February 2018). The Whitby constituency gained one nomination, Doff Pollard, whose election was uncontested.

Two Staff Governor seats were available, one clinical and one non-clinical. One nomination for each was received, so no election was necessary. Sam Grey (non-clinical) and Jack Hudson (clinical) were elected.

The full results are:

  • Ros Jump, public East Riding
  • Huw Llewelyn Jones, public East Riding
  • John Cunnington, public East Riding
  • Doff Pollard, public Whitby
  • Mike Oxtoby, public Service User and Carer
  • Stephen Christian, public Service User and Carer
  • Sam Grey, Staff (non-clinical)
  • Jack Hudson, Staff (clinical)

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates.

The Election to the Council of Governor reports can be viewed under Downloads on the right of this page.