Equality and human rights steering group

Recovery training

The Trust Equality and Diversity Steering Group is chaired by Elizabeth Thomas, director of human resources and diversity, and has representation through its membership from clinical and corporate staff. 

We are always seeking new membership from staff interested in equality and diversity, particularly if you consider yourself as being in a, or with a, protected characteristic as described by the Equality Act 2010.  Once you have sought permission to attend our quarterly meetings from your line manager please contact Sam O'Connor, Human Resources on 301712 for further information. 

Equality and Diversity service initiatives supported by funding from the Steering Group:

  • The Humber Centre created a multi faith/prayer room for patients
  • CAMHS have purchased multicultural puppets and story books to enhance therapeutic work with children from BME communities
  • Westlands, with the support of the Humber All Nations Alliance, held a ‘One World Event’ for staff, service users and local community groups including religious leaders. This resulted in strong and ongoing relationship which has seen:
  • HANA volunteers and service users working together
  • Cultural awareness sessions being delivered for staff and service users
  • Numerous events including a Gospel Choir and a multi cultural fashion show.

In addition to specific funding other service-led initiatives include:

  • Creation of a multi faith space, with religious leaders providing the Kuran and Torah. 
  • Westlands have also been active in working with a local GP on promoting the health needs of women, and in the Trust-wide women’s group
  • Learning disability services developed the Patient Passport for people with a Learning Disability that enables people’s health, cultural and communication needs to be widely known and understood when receiving medical treatment in other parts of the NHS
  • All inpatient areas have access to DVDs in a variety of languages explaining the administration of the Mental Health Act and patients' rights
  • Best practice discussions have led to guidance on transgender service users being treated in units for their chosen gender
  • Care packages have been developed for older people that are age appropriate to ensure that older people are not treated less favourably by receiving the same care packages as working age people
  • Addictions services undertook a review of appointments that were not attended and identified that their first appointment letters could be improved so that they did not exclude those who may have reading difficulties, visual impairment, or language difficulties.  Simple changes were made to make letters clearer and easier to understand, with offers of access to an interpreter if needed. 

We produced a final review of the Single Equalities Scheme prior to the Equalities Act 2010 coming into force. 

The Trust continues to work with its partners in the East Riding through the Humber Equalities Network and the Joint Equality and Diversity Board which has representation from Fire, Police, probation services, local authorities and Health.