Emergency planning

The Trust is required under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to create and maintain plans to demonstrate how it would deal with a variety of emergency situations and how it would maintain services during a crisis.

The Emergency Planning team is responsible for writing and updating all the emergency plans and for coordinating the Trust’s response in a time of crisis.  When there is an emergency situation, the Emergency Control room in the IT Technology Centre will be  activated and all actions and decisions will be coordinated from this area. 

The Trust links in with other health organisations, the local authorities and the emergency services through tried and tested procedures in order to deal with any crisis effectively and with minimum disruption to services and service users.

All services and departments in the Trust are required to produce Business Continuity Plans which describe how their service or department would keep services running in the event of an emergency.

To contact the Emergency Planning Team, please email HNF-TR.EmergencyPlanningTeam@nhs.net  or write to them at:

Emergency Planning 
Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
Mary Seacole Building
Willerby Hill
Beverley Road
HU10 6ED 

For further information you can contact:
Paul Dent, fire, resiliance and security manager at pdent@nhs.net