Research is central to ensuring services are effective and that new treatments and ways of delivering care continue to be identified that enable recovery and prevention, reduce disease burden, improve quality and increase productivity.

We believe that the health and wellbeing of the people we serve and the services we provide can be significantly improved through supporting, enabling and participating in the development of the health research evidence base. 

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What We Do

  • Research governance advice and support 
  • Research feasibility advice and support  
  • Assessment of capacity and capability’ for studies (part of HRA approval process) 
  • Contractual review and oversight for research studies  
  • Management of research funding 
  • Performance management of research and troubleshooting 
  • Research information management and reporting 
  • Development of research infrastructure, capacity and capability e.g. Principal Investigator mentoring  
  • Research partnership building 
  • Promotion of research internally and externally 
  • Signposting  
  • Consenting of research participants and data collection for NIHR Portfolio studies 

To support us staff identify potential research participants for future projects to ensure that they are given the opportunity to participate in research projects. This will help to achieve this strategy by identifying potential research participants for future projects. 

Studies that are currently active or in follow-up are listed in the documents available under Downloads on the right of this page. 

Contact Us

For further information, please contact us on or (01482) 301726.

Our Strategy

Our new Research Strategy 2020-22 was approved by the Board in January 2020 and outlines our journey to achieving an outstanding reputation for research. 

The three overall priorities set out in this research strategy are:  

  • Research embedded as a core component of clinical services 
  • Enhanced community involvement and awareness 
  • Growing our strategic research presence and impact 

Join a COVID-19 clinical trial

The PRINCIPLE trial aims to find treatments that reduce hospital admission and improve symptoms for people with COVID-19. You could be eligible to join if

  • You have had these symptoms for fewer than 15 days:
    • new continuous cough
    • or high temperature
    • or a loss of,
    • or change in, normal sense of taste or smell
  • OR have a positive test for SARS-Co-V2 infection with COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days
  • You are aged 50 to 64 with a pre-existing illness
  • You are aged 65 and above

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