NCS Community Therapy Team Whitby

The Neighbourhood Care Therapy team provides services and treatments using a patient centred rehabilitation model in the a range of settings.

The Team

Community Setting: - Assessment and rehabilitation input for patients in their own homes. Treatment focuses on maximising the individual’s ability and safety with every day activity and can involve equipment provision, adaptation of environment with a focus on facilitation of independence and the prevention of admission to hospital.

Examples of conditions treated cover difficulties and areas such as falls, post-surgery rehabilitation, mobility, neurological problems, respiratory.

Fast response equipment provision 5 afternoons per week Monday to Friday to prevent hospital admission if possible.

Respiratory, pulmonary rehabilitation, end of life care

Hospital setting :- Occupational and Physiotherapy provision as part of the Inpatient unit at Whitby Hospital working in an integrated team to ensure the best discharge outcomes for patients according to their needs and abilities.

Outpatient setting:- Occupational Therapy Hand Therapy/Splinting, 

Physiotherapy – respiratory groups.

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy -

Neurology, amputee rehabilitation.

Patient Groups: - Long term conditions,

Multi-pathology,  falls and general mobility difficulties.

Overall Aims:

Overcoming residual problems following physical illness

Regaining/maintain functional independence and quality of life.

Implementation of self-management strategies for patients with long term conditions.


Patient centred rehabilitation programmes

Teaching alternative techniques

Education: individualised and group

Provision of equipment and aids

Working as an integrated part of community services hub.

Contact Details

Tel: 01947 899239