Humber Recovery College

The Recovery and Wellbeing Colleges take an educational approach to mental health, as opposed to the more traditional medical management. What we do is guided by our core values of Hope, Opportunity and Control.

We facilitate a range of free, informal and welcoming courses that support people in maintaining good mental and physical health. Our courses are coproduced by mental health professionals and students working together, enabling us to reflect the real life experiences of students in our teaching. Our courses are open to everyone and students that join our courses  set and achieve their own recovery goals.

What does the Humber Recovery and Wellbeing College do?

  • We provide free educational courses and workshops as a route to mental health recovery and wellbeing.
  • Our courses and workshops are designed by people with lived experience and mental health professionals and inform and support people who are at different stages of their recovery journey.
  • They provide students with strategies & techniques that can be taken away and used in their everyday lives as a way to promote self-management.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend our courses and workshops. They are open to people who have or have not experienced mental health challenges. If someone sees a course that they think will help them, they're more than welcome to access it.

Everyone who attends our courses is treated as an equal participant no matter their background.

Who plans and teaches the course?

The workshops and courses are taught by our Practitioners, who all have lived experience of mental health and recovery.

We actively listen to and work alongside our students, volunteers, community organisations and other mental health professionals so that all of our courses are jointly designed, produced and facilitated.

What’s on?

Please visit our website to see the latest information on our courses including information on how to sign up.