Market Weighton Practice - 'You Said We Did' Updates

Welcome to the latest updates regarding Market Weighton Practice. This page has been developed to provide assurance and responses to some of the concerns raised by our patients.

Last Updated: 15 November 2021

You said: ‘No face-to-face appointments’

We are aware that patients feel there needs to be more face-to-face appointments.

We did:

We have been working with NHS guidelines during the pandemic, to offer a telephone triage first model.

As we move forwards, we are now offering patients more choice on what kind of consultation they would like.

Face-to-face and telephone appointments are available to book online.

You said: ‘No card payments’

You told us it would be easier if you could pay by card.

We did:

We have installed a card payment machine at the Practice, which allows patients to pay for non-NHS services in the way that best suits them. We still accept cash payments for those who prefer this option.

You said: ‘Not enough full time GPs’

We appreciate some of you feel that our GPs should work at the Practice on a full time basis.

We did:

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully recruited one new full time GP.

We will be sure to introduce them to you in future communications.

We continue to recruit GPs on an ongoing basis to help us grow and enhance our diverse team at the Practice.

You said: ‘Concerns about the Practice’

You submitted a detailed action plan to our Trust to voice how you think improvements can be made at your local Practice.

We did:

We took the time to listen to this feedback and we’re committed to acting where possible to improve our services.

In the 3 weeks since this action log was sent to our teams, we have acted against several points of the action log, including, but not limited to, improving access to the building and hiring additional members of staff.

We have created an action group who meet weekly to address the concerns raised and take action. In addition, we are actively working with the Market Weighton Patient Participation Group (PPG), who we meet with regularly to discuss progress.

You can also be assured that progress will be published for anyone to access, any time, on our dedicated web page here:

You said: ‘Incorrect calls data’

We are aware that patients feel that the telephone call data we have provided is incorrect.

We did:

The data recorded in April 2021 and provided at the PPG number was 7,423 calls taken.

While we appreciate that this may seem like an extremely large number, this data has been in no way altered. However, we do believe it’s important to break down these figures further to make them easier to understand.

This number is the total number of calls taken within the Practice over the month and includes calls into reception and other members of staff. This includes calls from hospitals or community services, lab results and prescription queries, and therefore it is not only patient queries.

This does not include calls which went unanswered, outgoing calls made by staff or calls where people have hung up. Meaning that this only includes figures from active conversations.

We are currently working with our Business Intelligence team and KCOM to further understand and access detailed statistics. We’re also training additional members of staff in data analytics to ensure that these kinds of explanations can be consistently provided in the future.

 You said: ‘Contraceptive services’

It has been brought to our attention that patients are concerned that no contraceptive services are available at the Practice.

We did:

Whilst the Practice previously provided a limited contraceptive service, this stopped with the departure of the contraceptive specialist and due to reduced demand.

We continue to provide advice and support around contraception and our Practice meets all the requirements within our service contract.

We’re also delighted to work with the Hull and East Riding Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Partnership, which offers a wide range of free accessible, confidential and non-judgemental sexual health services for our local communities.

If you have any queries regarding contraception, please speak to our Care Navigators when you contact the Practice, your GP when you attend your appointment, or NHS 111 who can provide further information.

 You said: Telephone wait times

We appreciate that many patients have expressed their experience of long wait times when telephoning the practice.

We did:

The practice have employed two additional members of staff to help improve telephone waiting times. These new members of staff are now in the process of training and therefore improvements will begin to be seen in subsequent weeks, before the end of September 2021.

Other ways to arrange appointments at the practice include calling NHS 111. Information relating to contacting NHS 111 and its benefits have been shared with local Councillors and the Patient Participation Group (PPG) to further update patients on the benefits of using this method to access the most appropriate healthcare appointments. The Trust will continue to work with Patient Participation Groups to determine further actions to communicate this initiative.

In the meantime, the practice will continue to collect and review telephone data, with an aim to provide an overview of telephone activity levels in the next update.

Your feedback:

Please feedback using our Friends and Family Form to advise.

 You said: Clarity required on number of Doctors

We understand there is a concern regarding limited information on the number of employed GPs within the practice.

We did:

The department have updated the details of all employed practice GPs on our website. The practice team will also be displayed within the Waiting Area at the practice.

Recruitment is active and in place, with an aim to fill all existing vacancies.

Practice staff will continue to work with the Patient Participation Group and local Council to keep our patients up-to-date on new initiatives at their local practice. All changes are put in place to enable our patients to see the right person, at the right time.

 You said: ‘Access to the Practice’

We appreciate the difficulty that may be caused through the closure of the access doors and that this can lead to patients being late for appointments.

We did:

There is now open access to the building.

Our Practice staff have worked with our Infection Prevention and Control team and have agreed that the doors can be opened, subject to:

Guidance and procedures implemented during the pandemic have demonstrated success, as they have played a vital role in ensuring no outbreaks of COVID-19 at your local Practice.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patients for the feedback we have received.

We are dedicated to continually improving our services and will update this page with more 'You Said, We Did' information in the near future.