Improving Health and Wellbeing

Humber Centre for forensic psychiatry

A medium secure hospital for patients suffering from mental disorders. Our services include assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

Humber Centre

All patients at the Humber Centreare detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 and due to the nature of the unit some limitations are placed on patients, staff and visitors for clinical, health and safety reasons.

The multidisciplinary team

The service is run by a ‘multidisciplinary team’ (MDT), which is a group of clinicians from different professional backgrounds. The team includes:
• medical and nursing staff
• occupational therapists
• art therapists
• psychologists
• social workers
• speech and language therapists
All clinical decisions are taken by the MDT and wherever possible we seek and value the views of patients, families and carers.
Sometimes decisions need to involve other agencies, such as courts or the Ministry of Justice and this can mean that progress can take a little longer.

Therapy and Treatment

Although we work very closely with the criminal justice system (police, courts and prisons), patients in the Humber Centre are here for assessment and treatment. As with any hospital, it is our aim to help patients on their journey to health.

We specialise in working with patients who have mental health problems, learning disabilities or a diagnosis of personality disorder and need treatment in a secure setting. We actively involve patients, families and carers in this process. Research shows that working together has lasting benefits for patients.

While all patients have access to fresh air garden and courtyard areas, leave outside the hospital is only given after careful consideration and risk assessment. This may involve consultation with other agencies including the Ministry of Justice.

Visits and other ways of communicating

Due to the very busy clinical timetable for patients, visits may need to be pre-booked. Visits are supervised, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that a staff member will always need to be in the room with you and visits which are not booked cannot be facilitated by staff. Although we endeavour to facilitate all visits, we may occasionally have to cancel or curtail visits.

There are restrictions on what can be brought into the hospital. This is to ensure the safety and security of everyone.

We are currently looking at how we can better use electronic communications (teleconferencing, video conferencing, Skype, etc.) to improve access and contact for patients, families and carers, professionals, and other services etc. If you have any queries on this or wish to further discuss contact options, please contact Dave King, Clinical Nurse Specialist, who has the lead on this project ( or 01482 336200).


We understand the important role that carers play in the recovery of patients at the Humber Centre, and we also appreciate the need for support for carers. Consequently, we hold regular meetings at the Humber Centre where carers (this includes friends and family members) can learn more about the service, exchange ideas and offer views and opinions. The next meetings are on Saturday 6 June and Saturday 3 October. Both are from 2pm to 4pm and are at the Humber Centre.

If you wish to attend, have any queries or wish to contact the carer group for any reason, email


The Humber Centre provides spiritual and religious support for staff and patients.


Cloverleaf Advocacy Service has been helping people with mental health issues since 1995 and has provided an advocacy service at the Humber Centre since 2005. They offer independent one-to-one support and can enable patients to speak up and be listened to. More details are available in leaflets on the wards or by contacting Cloverleaf on 01482 880160.

Contact details:

The Humber Centre for Forensic Psychiatry
Beverley Road
East Yorkshire 
HU10 6ED

Switchboard: 01482 336200

Ward offices (and patients’ payphones)

Ouse: 01482 336238 (655646)
Derwent: 01482 336239 (655719)
Trent: 01482 336241 (655803)
Ullswater: 01482 478718
Swale: 01482 478722