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World Mental Health Day 2017: Leader launches plan to help people with mental health problems lead more satisfying lives

World Mental Health Day 2017: Leader launches plan to help people with mental health problems lead more satisfying lives
11 October 2017

An NHS leader has marked World Mental Day by launching a plan to help people with mental health problems live more meaningful and satisfying lives. 

Michele Moran, Chief Executive of Humber NHS Foundation Trust, presented the organisation’s new Recovery Strategy, Bridging the Gap, at a well-being event in Hull. 

“Recovery takes into account the obstacles people face in their lives and focuses on building their resilience, not just treating or managing their problems,” she said. 

“Our new blueprint is about helping them rebuild their lives, find meaning in what has happened to them and gain a new sense of self and purpose.” 

At the heart of the three-year plan is the Trust’s Recovery College. 

Founded in 2015, the College has grown to such an extent that today it offers almost 50 educational courses to help students with experience of mental ill health focus on their strengths and ‘having a life worth living’. 

According to the new strategy, the College will work with voluntary and community organisations to increase the College’s size so it can fund its own operations before 2021. 

It will also work to expand its number of courses, providing some with childcare; take on extra employment staff so they can help more students find paid work; and use the College’s resources to reduce levels of sickness and absence among Trust staff. 

Ms Moran said: “We believe the College will help reduce isolation and social exclusion by strengthening the bonds that bind our communities together. 

“It’s potential for improving the health and wellbeing of the people who use our services and those who provide them is extraordinary.” 

The strategy was launched only days after it was approved unanimously by members of the Trust’s Board. 

Its presentation coincided with a free public event organised by the College and held at Hull Central Library. 

During the session, staff promoted the College’s new autumn/winter prospectus which includes courses such as ‘Empowerment through drama’, ‘Living with bipolar’, and ‘Singing for happiness’. 

Further details are available by calling 01482 389124 or emailing

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