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Hot wheels for Humber: New Trust minibus arrives

Hot wheels for Humber: New Trust minibus arrives
30 April 2018

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust has taken delivery of a new 13-seater minibus.

NHS volunteers raised thousands of pounds to help replace their previous 17-year-old vehicle, used to take more than 300 people a year to social groups and appointments.

Funded with help from Airco and Tesco St Stephen’s, the new minibus means more people can be transported - including wheelchair users - to social groups that help reduce the risk of isolation and loneliness.

The service is delivered by volunteer drivers who take passengers to appointments and six volunteer-led community social groups.

The minibus proudly displays the new Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust logo following the Trust’s name change last month.

Sam Grey, the Trust’s Voluntary Services manager, said: “The new minibus is a fantastic addition.

“We now have more room to accommodate service users with various needs so we can transport them to groups which really make a positive difference to their mental health.

“So many people in the community are at risk of loneliness and isolation; access to these services and providing this transport service is incredibly important.”

Many of the service users are unable to leave their homes easily due to illness or disability. The transport service and social groups allow them to enjoy a social life, take part in everyday activities and make friends.

“I couldn’t do without the help. It’s so very much appreciated. It gets me to a rehab group and has helped me tremendously,” said one.

Another said: “The transport is always on time. I enjoy the ride and drivers’ chat.”

A third service user said the service made them “feel comfortable and safe”.

Sam paid tribute to the Trust’s volunteers and everyone else who had provided support.

She said: “We couldn’t provide any of these services without our dedicated volunteers and without the continued support of local businesses, such as Airco and Tesco St Stephen’s.

“A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone involved in supporting the service.”

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