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Health team gives hand hygiene lessons to thousands of pupils in the East Riding

Health team gives hand hygiene lessons to thousands of pupils in the East Riding
04 May 2018

Hand hygiene lessons have been given to thousands of East Riding schoolchildren by the NHS.

Health care support workers from Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust offered the bug-busting tips during visits to 120 primary schools.

Using a glitter gel and ultraviolet light box to illuminate germs, they taught the children to beat infections by keeping their hands clean.

Denise Johnston, who helped deliver the fun sessions for the Trust’s Integrated Specialist Public Health Nursing Team (ISPHNS), said: “It was extremely rewarding.

“We have promoted skills that children can use throughout their lives and share with their families and the wider community.

“Teachers have been impressed, commenting that they have been able to upgrade their handwashing and improve practices and facilities following our visit.

“Our aim was to promote basic hand hygiene skills, to minimise the risk of spreading infections and ultimately reduce absence from school.

“Good attendance has a positive impact on children’s health and wellbeing and ultimately improves their outcomes.”

ISPHNS Clinical Team Leader Denise Purdon said: “Our team of four worked hard and with tremendous enthusiasm to deliver handwashing health promotion activities to the schools.  

“The team has received positive feedback from school staff and the children. Their work has been shared on school websites and they have put up a display at County Hall in Beverley.”

Nicola Furness, Public Health Commissioning Lead for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, thanked the Trust’s team, adding: “Denise and her colleagues came to display their handwashing lesson plan information and photos.

“It looks great and is a really useful example of the information, support and advice provided by ISPHNS in primary schools.”

The team’s work coincides with the World Health Organization’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands campaign, a global initiative focussing on efforts to prevent healthcare-associated sepsis, which affects more than 30 million patients every year.

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