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CEO's blog: 'Changing our name may seem like a minor refresh. The reality could hardly be more different'

CEO's blog: 'Changing our name may seem like a minor refresh. The reality could hardly be more different'
10 April 2018

The dawn of spring, celebration of Easter, and beginning of the new financial year seemed an appropriate time of year to change our name. 

Renewal, after all, is what these days are all about. 

But although altering our title to Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust may seem like the most minor refresh, the reality could hardly be more different. 

Incorporating the word ‘teaching’ into our name spells out for the first time our commitment to learning and underlines our increasingly close relationships with the universities of Hull and York, as well as secondary schools on our patch. 

Firstly, promoting medical, nursing and non-clinical talent is essential if we are to develop the workforce we need to continue providing our services to some of the most vulnerable people in Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and beyond. 

It is only fair, therefore, that we should play our part in encouraging our young people to make the most of their skills by putting them to good use in the NHS - preferably in our Trust but if not then by working for our neighbours and partners. 

It is also important that we should highlight the ties that link us to our friends and colleagues in the great universities in our area, Hull and York – centres of academic excellence that continue to give so much to our Trust. 

Consider, just for a moment, for example, the extraordinary achievements of the perinatal mental health team that have come from our partnership with the University of Hull. 

It was no accident that they were named the Trust ‘Team of the Year’ at our 2017 staff awards and have just won an award of the same name from the British Journal of Midwifery. 

The team’s success isn’t just academic; it means real benefits to our patients – in this case mothers struggling before, during and after the birth of their babies. 

Becoming a ‘teaching Trust’ is also likely to make us more attractive to academics from other areas who appreciate our commitment to research and want to work with us to further improve patient care. 

Our second research conference on 16 May will demonstrate our growing importance in this field. 

Developing the Trust and NHS workforce of the future; highlighting links that deliver real improvements to patient care; and demonstrating our commitment to research and development - three reasons why becoming a ‘teaching’ trust is so important. 

In the end it comes down to our values – Caring, Learning, and Growing. ‘Teaching’, as you can see, is one of the rocks on which we’re continuing to build.

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