Improving Health and Wellbeing

Research and Development

“Humber NHS Foundation Trust believes that the health and wellbeing of the people we serve and the services we provide to do so can be significantly improved through supporting, enabling and participating in the development of the Health Research evidence base.”

Some of the research areas the Trust is involved in are:
• mental health (schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder);
• community services (podiatry, stroke, speech and language therapy, wound care);
• dementia care;
• addictions;
• pharmaceutical.

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The Research and Development Unit aims to increase the Trust’s involvement in good quality, appropriately funded national and international research projects.

In doing this we aim to:

  • generate new knowledge in response to national priorities;
  • generate local knowledge and experience;
  • evaluate our services;
  • Promote a culture of evidence based practice.

In order to achieve this, service users will be given the opportunity to participate in research projects on the basis of ‘informed consent.’ Staff within our Trust will identify people that are potentially eligible for a study and then approach them to ask if they might be interested in taking part.

The Research and Development Unit provides study specific services, research advice and research management and governance services.

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Current Capability Statement for Humber - please click here.