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New playground equipment opens at Walker Street Children's Centre

New inclusive play equipment
New inclusive play equipment
New playground equipment opens at Walker Street Children's Centre
10 July 2013

A new state of the art children’s play area was unveiled at Walker Street Children’s Centre, Hull on 5 July 2013. Centre owner, Humber NHS Foundation Trust has invested in the equipment to enable children with disabilities and special needs to play side-by-side with able bodied children.

Play is seen as essential to the physical and social development of all children. As well as teaching them how to negotiate and overcome obstacles, it helps them develop friendships and a sense of belonging to a peer group.

Lisa Adcock, senior physiotherapist, Humber NHS Foundation Trust said “The play area is a fantastic addition for children of all ages and abilities who use Walker Street Children’s Centre. The specialist play equipment is thoughtfully designed to be accessible for disabled children but also has features to be challenging for more able bodied children.”

David Snowdon, Chief Executive, Humber NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We wanted to provide an exciting play area suitable for children of all abilities aged from 2 years to teenagers, which would provide a safe yet challenging place to play.

“We worked with a play equipment specialist that is considered an expert in disability, discrimination, special needs, access and inclusion.

“They came up with creative design features such as the full colour safety surface with a bright paver brick edging to help differentiate the safety surface for the visually impaired.

“We are delighted with the finished product.”

The play equipment in the new play area includes a scramble net, slide, roundabout, seesaw all with unique features that encourage exploring in an exciting way whilst offering good support and helping balance.